Men, in general, are often confused about what kind of shoes should they opt for in order to get that perfect outfit-of-the-day. Shoes are something that not only completes your overall look but also acts as a confidence booster which ultimately helps you to live up to the concept of fashion. Choosing that perfect pair […]



Not everything we see on runways is a good idea. But these are trends any adventurous guy might think about trying to …..

Checks –

Checks have been a constant part of the male wardrobe for centuries. However, that didn’t stop tartan being one of the most surprising comeback trends of 2016.So if you went big in 2016, great. Even better if what you have is in a muted grey or neutral (see above) shade.



Neutrals have long been deployed by men as a way of anchoring other, more vibrant pieces. However, 2016 was the year we learned to go top-to-toe tonal with our subtler shades. Which means your wardrobe should already be fully stocked with the pieces you need to pull off this key 2017 look.


Wide-Leg Trousers

For the past few seasons, looser cuts and shapes – whether that’s on coats, hoodies or, indeed, trousers – have been working their way from the runways to the mainstream. The more relaxed way of dressing, which started to be picked up by brands and retailers in 2016, is set to reach a peak over the next 12 months according to our expert style predictions.


Vertical Stripes

Much like checks, it’s hard to remember a time when stripes weren’t in favour. Offering an alternative to the classic Breton stripe, last year’s motifs variegated in both colour and size. Any investment in deckchair prints is about to pay dividends. Vertical stripes were all over the runways at the recent London Fashion Week Men’s, applied to everything from T-shirts to tailoring.


Printed T-Shirts

It’s isn’t just with sportswear pieces that we’re heading back in time. Last season’s overload of 1990s nostalgia meant we were all reaching for printed T-shirts. Admit it – you bought some Justin Bieber tour merch, didn’t you? Slogan tees, by combining them with smarter attire, such as unstructured tailoring or expertly-fitted chinos, rather than layering underneath flannel shirts and distressed denim jackets.


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India Runway Fashion Week …


khadi was aptly termed ‘vichitra vastra’ because it isn’t just fabric, but a ‘serious thought’, “Khadi has been neglected for years, but it’s fashionable now because it’s being blended with silk and cotton while retaining its qualities, which gives it a global image. We are using Indo-Western silhouettes, giving khadi a modern flavour while retaining the signature designs.”

these are the words about the khadi from INDIA RUNWAY FASHION WEEK ….. for more updates,stay tuned and don’t forget to stay stylish …

Hair Styles for Men …

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most of the time we stuck with our hair, right? how to manage hair do according to the season,according the the fashion and most important according to your face …. here I found something for you guys .. just have look and follow that, And  i really believe it will sort your hair problem.  Cool-Hairstyles-For-Men.jpgjust follow that and don’t forget –

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